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Law Firms,
generate revenue from social media

Let us help you package your expertise into short videos for your social media accounts. 



You're not happy with your Social Media Content

You're not getting as many views as you would like.

At Marketing Bound Agency, we help you create videos that will get in front of the right audience.

Your content is not generating leads.

We will implement strategies and optimize your profile to generate leads every month.

It's hard to stay consistent.

We make sure you show up consistently in front of your audience.

Marketing Bound Agency addresses all these problems. Keep scrolling!

How we work together


Capture Knowledge

You're the expert. We schedule time to capture your expertise in short-videos. This could take up to 1-hour a week of your time.


Content Creation

Next, Marketing Bound Agency "TikTok-ify" the videos. We are making sure they are optimized for the channel and reaching the right audience.


Distribution & Analysis

Then, we distributes your content, constantly testing what type of content works best for your audience. 


Case Study

Paul booked 30 consultations from TikTok in 30 days - a 900% increase in booked consultations from TikTok from the previous month. Read the full story here.

Paul Vitti, Immigration Lawyer

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Review the 3 packages we offer

3 reasons Lawyers who master TikTok will THRIVE over the next 5 years:

  1. They are first movers. They got on the platform before their competitors. It's inevitable that we're all going to move to TikTok and by being there today, you're way ahead of competitors.

  2. Lawyers on TikTok become master storytellers. Law firms will learn how to share stories and knowledge in an educational and entertaining way. That's quite hard to beat.

  3. TikTok is making is easy to be on every social media channel. With every platform copying TikTok, you only need to create one format of content. You can now show up as a brand on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest AND TikTok. You reach a larger audience with a lot less effort. So Law Firms hopping on the bandwagon are going to easily expand to other social media channels.

I don't know about you but I would be scared if my competitors were reaching more people and mastering storytelling while I was not...

Not on TikTok yet? 

3 reasons to start posting on TikTok:

  1. TikTok is slowly replacing Google. More and more people are using TikTok to search for solutions to their problems. With 1 million TikTok videos watched per day, over 17.6 million hours watched. There is no reason you cannot get a piece of that pie because people are using TikTok to find their lawyers. (sources from wallaroomedia and smperth)

  2. Create a new stream of revenue.  Getting on TikTok gives law firms the opportunity to create a new stream of leads and grow their practice.

  3. Reducing the sales cycle. Lawyers can build trust with their audience much faster through videos. As a result, leads are ready to purchase when they reach out to you.

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