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Attract leads and achieve business goals

Marketing Bound builds an online presence that makes your competitors jealous. Plus, our content seamlessly integrates with your business goals.

We craft engaging videos, compelling copywriting, and eye-catching graphics for each major social media platform. Elevate your company's or your personal social presence and leave your competitors questioning how your content is so good.

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Getting Results for Clients


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Who we help

You want to create a social media presence where people know who you are. You want to be seen as an authority and trust you. You also want social media to be part of your business goals. But you're just too busy!

Marketing Bound creates content for for busy business owners of legal, accounting, healthcare, IT, cybersecurity, insurance, recruitment and job placement businesses. 

We execute copywriting, graphics, short-form video for LinkedIn, TikTok, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

No using AI to write content
No copying competitors
No long-term contracts

Integrating with your sales process
Maintaining your brand voice
Low time-commitment



What we offer


Organic social media content strategy

Creating organic social media content

Social media Ad Strategy & Management

Is your social media disconnected from your business goals? Let's build a social media strategy that supports your business goals.

You're not sure what to post. It's tough to stay consistent. You need to spend time on your business. Let us create the content for you.

You don't want to learn how to do social media ads so we come in to save the day. Social media ads are great to boost your organic strategy or a quick way to test different audiences.


Happy Clients

Hear from these happy clients.

"I wanted to start posting on LinkedIn in order to share some knowledge with my network and inform them on the activities of my firm. Working with Laura helped me clarify with my network what I do professionally and allowed me to help some people who requested my services after seeing my content online. I would absolutely recommend her services to friends or coworkers."

Karl Guiragossian, VP Operations

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How we work

How we work

  1. Perform an audit on your current social media content.

  2. Identify where you can stand out from competition.

  3. Create a social media strategy customized to your business.

  4. Integrate the social media strategy with your sales process.

  5. Create and post social media content that reaches the right people for your business.

  6. Analyze results.

Case Studies

Explore​ how Marketing Bound hits business goals with social media content.

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