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Got over 1,000,000 impressions for Executive on LinkedIn in One Year.
  • This client would rather remain unnamed.

  • As he got super busy with his business, he requested Marketing Bound maintain his brand on LinkedIn.

  • This is how we did it.

About Client:

This LinkedIn Content Creator built an impressive reputation on LinkedIn. He is also the co-founder of an 8-figure business based out of New York.


The client realized that his business required more of his attention. He was in search for an agency that could maintain his brand presence and his reputation.

Solution and Results

Marketing Bound Agency analyzed his previous content and identified opportunities for the client's content to make a bigger impact and reach more people.

To execute we:

  1. Learned his brand voice.

  2. Educated ourselves on his industry.

  3. Built a new content plan.


The results:


The client went viral at least once every month since working with Marketing Bound Agency.


We maintained his brand reputation and helped him reach over one million impressions in 2023 - a startling increase from the year before.

client viral over a mil.JPG

This image is property of this client. We received permission to use it. It is not to be distributed without consent.


This client was able to get a very rewarding speaking opportunity from his LinkedIn presence. 

The Future:

Marketing Bound is so excited to take this client's content to the next level and get him more speaking engagements.

Stats of some viral posts

client viral 2.JPG
client viral 7.JPG
client viral 4.JPG
client viral 6.JPG
client viral 3.JPG
client viral 8.JPG
client viral 5.JPG
client viral 1.JPG
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