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Increased this Lawyer's Booked Consultations by 900% in 30 days.
  • 30 TikTok leads in 30 days

  • Almost 1 million views

  • 3 new streams of leads

  • You don't need a million followers to build your firm on TikTok

About Paul Vitti:

Paul Vitti started Vitti Immigration Law, a Canadian Immigration Law Firm, in January 2022. He was getting leads from word of mouth and Instagram.


Paul was getting inconsistent leads every month. He tried posting on Instagram but was still not able to predict his lead flow. Paul wanted to build a reliable stream of leads.

Solution and Results

Marketing Bound Agency conducted market research and an analysis of his ICP. We determined that Paul should focus on TikTok as his primary platform. 

"I thought TikTok was an app where kids danced. I had no idea there was even potential to grow my firm on TikTok," said the Canadian Immigration Lawyer. "I was very hesitant to post on TikTok but I trusted Marketing Bound Agency enough to give it a try. They explained the opportunity of trying the platform and how I can leverage my videos to reach more people."


We created Paul's TikTok profile and got him to 1000 followers to unlock the ability to add a link in his profile. From a marketing perspective, we wanted to make it easy for anyone to book a consultation. It also serves us a way to track how many people were interested in working with Paul. It took 4 weeks to get to 1000 followers.

"The growth on TikTok is so much faster than on Instagram. I was amazed at the rapid growth," said Paul Vitti.

By month two, we recommended increasing the number of videos posted per week. We went from 3 videos a week to 7 videos a week. 


With the new strategy in place, Paul got one consultation per day - a 900% increase in TikTok leads from the previous month. He is still converting those consultations into clients. The final ROI is still unknown. He reached just under 1 million views in that month.

VIL - 12.3 followers.PNG
VIL - million views in nov 2022.PNG

This image is property of Vitti Immigration Law. We received permission to use it. It is not to be distributed without consent.


Marketing Bound also suggested repurposing the content to Instagram, YouTube and Facebook. In other words, distributing the videos on all 4 channels. This led to one lead coming from YouTube, one lead coming from Facebook and 3 leads coming from Instagram. Paul was already getting leads from Instagram but we had successfully created 3 new streams of leads.

The Future:

The consistent stream of leads has changed Vitti Immigration Law. Paul had to hire another lawyer to help with the new workload. Paul plans to continue working with Marketing Bound to continue growing his firm. We're looking forward to seeing Paul become even more successful. 

Evolution of Paul's videos

Thank you to Paul Vitti. This is his TikTok account for those who want to follow him. Also, if you're not sure what social media platform to start with, book a call below.

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