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#80: 5 Tips To Start A PR Strategy Without Breaking A Sweat, with Jessica Barlow

There’s a misconception that public relations is just for larger brands. However, Jessica Barlow, Creator of the No Agency Method, has helped countless small business owners get media coverage. Jessica’s work has been featured in Business Insider, refinery29, and even got Barack Obama to say things that she wrote.

This episode has been cut down to only provide the 5 PR tips you need to get started. So in what you’re about to hear, Jessica reveals how to position your emails to journalists, why you as the founder are the best person to pitch your business, why PR should be part of your selling initiatives and some tips on how to get recognized by the media.

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#79: The Secret Behind Effective Video Ads, with Forbes 30 Under 30 Entrepreneur, Travis Chambers

If you’re wondering how to create the perfect ad for your agency, this episode is for you.

In fact, any service-based business can benefit from this episode.

I interviewed Forbes 30 under 30 Lister ad founder of Chamber Media, Travis Chambers.

In this episode, we chat about how he grew his agency to 12 million dollars in revenue, how to use ads to bring prospects through the customer journey and the 7 types of effective ads on social media.

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#78: Steal This Effective Facebook Ad Strategy,
with Alex Caragiannides

Not sure how to leverage Facebook Ad Objections?

This episode is for you.

Alex Caragiannides shares how to leverage the 7 Facebook ad objectives - the order in which they should be used and how long each campaign should run for. His strategy builds a community around your brand and sets you up for generating leads.

More transcripts to come! 

Want to suggest a transcript, contact Marketing Bound here.

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