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Top 5 Features from Canva Create 2024

On May 23, 2024, the Australian-based company held its Canva Create 2024 conference in Los Angeles. Founder Melanie Perkins danced onstage alongside her co-founders Cameron Adams and Cliff Obrecht as they introduced "Work Redesigned," the concept fueling the brand's vision for the next ten years.

Melanie Perkins, Cameron Adams and Cliff Obrecht at Canva Create 2024
Melanie Perkins, Cameron Adams, and Cliff Obrecht at Canva Create 2024

They introduced a collection of new features designed for teams. In the end, they announced the launch of Canva Enterprise—a tool designed for small business teams or large enterprises. Canva was launched in 2013 as a design tool. Today, along with its stacked features, it has established itself as one of Microsoft's competitors. 

Before reviewing Canva's top five features, we must appreciate its inviting presentation, entertaining storytelling, and dance segment of Canva Create. We must also applaud Canva Inc. for contributing to renewable energy, planting 6.2 million trees, donating to GiveDirectly, and offering Canva to nonprofits for free.

Canva makes social contribution look easy...

Canva's is focused on how work is changing. They mention visual communication, the proliferation of workplace tools, and generative AI. Let's review the top 5 features they announced at Canva Create.

1. Savvy Integrations

Canva now integrates with Google, Meta, and Amazon Ad platforms for a more seamless workflow for Ad teams to create and publish ads from the same platform.

They also mentioned Asana, Monday, and Hubspot integrations for better team workflow. Discover their entire integrations marketplace here.

They prioritized integrations of the most popular apps used by teams to encourage businesses to switch to Canva.

Canva Create 2024 - Marketing Redesigned
Canva Create 2024 - Marketing Redesigned

2. Canva Courses

The ability to create courses right in Canva. The case studies focused on HR with onboarding and training courses for new employees.

Handbooks, decision documents, and training templates are already provided in Canva. The best part, in our opinion, is the analytics. You will be able to track everyone's progress on the courses. Here is an example of a course.

Considering Canva started as a design tool, it's interesting that it now caters to HR departments, further showcasing its desire to become the go-to tool for business work. Canva is not just a design tool anymore!

Canva Create 2024 - HR Redesigned
Canva Create 2024 - HR Redesigned

3. Screen Recording

Canva introduced the ability to record your screens. Their case study was for the sales team and focused on how sales can record their presentations or develop personalized videos for prospects. It even includes a voice-over feature. The videos also included analytics to let you know if they were being watched.

They showcased some case studies of salespeople discussing how they never got involved in the creatives, but now they can with Canva.

We think it's amazing how Canva is including these features. They are considering the modern way people work—video, analytics, and visuals.

Canva Create 2024 - Sales Redesigned
Canva Create 2024 - Sales Redesigned

4. AI Visuals and Copy

It is now possible to turn your ideas into graphics. You could already turn your ideas into images but not graphics. This takes branding to a whole new level. No more searching icons or specific pre-made designs. It's now possible to create any graphic you can think of.

Canva also integrated AI into its documents. Its prompts include "improve," "continue writing,""shorten," and "change voice."

Canva is doing everything to make your entire workflow possible in Canva. They're not just talking about it; they're getting close.

5. Logo Replace

Canva brought in Expedia Group to talk about their rebrand and how Canva made it easy for them. They had 200 templates to redesign. Canva's new feature allows you to replace logos across designs in a few clicks.

Canva Create 2024 - Creative Redesigned
Canva Create 2024 - Creative Redesigned

Summary of Canva Create 2024

Canva is actually redesigning how we work, and I do not doubt that more enterprises will adopt the platform. Microsoft, it's your move.

Canva Create 2024 in LA.
Canva Create 2024 in LA.

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