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5 Easy Ways to Optimize blogs for SEO

Updated: Apr 26, 2022

After years of writing blogs in WordPress, I became familiar with tools like Yoast for SEO optimization and Grammarly for identifying grammar mistakes. Both tools help me tremendously in creating better content. Although I would be able to catch grammar errors without Grammarly and with a few more revisions, Yoast is an exclusive SEO tool to WordPress. To me, SEO is not obvious. However, over the years, I got the hang of some tricks. To help you optimize your blog content, I have compiled 5 easy ways to optimize blogs for SEO regardless of what platform is hosting your website.

Easy SEO tips for blogging

In laymen's terms, Search engine optimization (SEO) is making sure your blogs are fully optimized so Google understands what you're writing about. Let's dive into 5 easy ways to optimize your blog.

1. The Sub-titles in your Blog should be “Heading 2”

As you can see, I've sectioned this blog into sections. Each section started with a bold title. That title needs to be identified as a "Heading 2." It gives Google a summary of your blog. The "Heading 1" is for the title of the blog. If you accidentally use "Heading 1" for all your sub-titles, Google will think there aren't any "Heading 2" or subtitles. And that's not ideal. Sub-titles breakdown a topic into more detail. And Google loves when you provide depth.

2. Use Lists, when you can

Google uses lists to give Googler's quick answers to their questions. Ever notice lists pop up when you type something into Google? The previews at the top of Google is previewing articles with lists. They are usually "Heading 2" but can also be a list within a subtitle. Google prioritizes blogs that provide information quickly. So, they grab lists from blogs to help users as quickly as possible. Definitely try adding lists to your blog!

Example of SEO

3. Don't Overuse Any Words

You might think it's beneficial to use the same word over and over again; however, Google penalizes you if you use one too often. I know your blog might be about SEO, but don't repeat SEO too many times. The number of times you use the keyword depends on the length of your blog. I guesstimate based on what I think is reasonable and that normally works. If you're not too sure, read the blog out loud to catch repeated language and replace them with synonyms.

4. Always Add a Featured Image

A photo is a must. Make sure to put an ALT caption on the photo. This can be found in the settings of your image. The ALT text lets Google knows what that image is about. However, the image of this blog is a man sitting at a table. But the ALT text is SEO tips for blogging. I want Google to associate the image with what I am writing about.

5. Links

In your blog, make sure to have at least one link that directs to another page on your website. It builds the reputation of the page you're linking to. So, ideally, you are linking to a landing page to try converting the website visitor. Either they are signing up for a newsletter or a product demo or a webinar. Anything that captures their contact information. In the end, you’re creating content so they become clients. An internal link increases the chances the visitor won’t leave immediately after consuming the content of your blog.

An additional professional tip is to include an external link to another website. I know it sounds counterintuitive but that tells Google that you are credible.


Under every subtitle, you shouldn't have more than 300 words. Google deems more than 300 words too long for one section.

Example of Linking to Another Page

Now that I shared information with you that will help your blog and ultimately your business, I am going to let you know how we can keep in touch. Because there are a lot more inbound marketing tips I want to share with you to help your business.

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SEO tips for blogging
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Hobby Turysta
Hobby Turysta

Number 5 is hot topic in the SEO world now. I try to implement this technique on my PWA 😎

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