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15 Reasons to Start a Podcast as an Entrepreneur

Updated: Jan 5, 2022

There are so many reasons every entrepreneur should start a podcast. I’m going through 15 reasons entrepreneurs should start a podcast, in no particular order. I think each point can help you personally and can benefit your business so be sure to read until the end.

15 reasons to start a podcast as an entrepreneur

1. Interview Authors

The first benefit of having a podcast is that sometimes you interview authors. That means you get to read their books.

I think Rachel Pederson, a marketing expert I found on TikTok said that books are the secret to success.

Reading books to prepare for an interview is beneficial for the interview but also for your personal gain.

I read Screw Being Shy by Mark Metry and Win the Hour, Win the Day by Kris Ward. I also read Bossing Up by Samantha Kris.

If you're curious, here are my interviews with them:

Interview with Mark Metry, Mental Health and Business

Interview with Samantha Kris, 5 Myths of Entrepreneurship Debunked

I want to focus on Bossing Up by Samantha Kris for a few moments. I’ve read a few self-help books and honestly, I think this one is my favorite. And I would probably have never read it if I didn’t interview Samantha.

In one chapter, she talks about having a balanced lifestyle doesn’t make sense. Sometimes you’re going to focus on your health and family and some times you’re going to focus on your career. And concentrating on one thing over the other is NOT A BAD THING. Here is a quote from her book:

“In order to move or develop, we must create a certain type of imbalance…”

Learning this concept changed my perspective on work-life balance. I have less guilt when I choose to work and I don’t judge people for choosing work or choosing family. That’s just what their balance is at the moment.

So, all this to say that podcasting encourages you to read books that can help you in your life and your business.

2. Build Relationships

The second reason you should start a podcast is that you get to meet and build relationships with like-minded people. Although I was always interested in entrepreneurship, the people I used to surround myself with were not interested in entrepreneurship.

After 50-plus interviews, I have met so many awesome people that I still keep in touch with. For example, in my earlier episodes, I interviewed Jeremy Mura, an entrepreneur, and graphic designer, and any time I have a design question, I ask him. I now know someone who specializes in graphic design. Your network just expands 10-fold.

Especially during the pandemic when everyone stopped seeing each other, I was actually meeting more people than ever! I love meeting people, and everyone had similar interests. I started new relationships that will last a very long time.

You know, that saying, that you’re the sum of the five people you hang out with. Well, it's very true. My mindset, my focus, and my discipline have changed just by constantly talking to highly successful entrepreneurs.

3. Talk to People You Want to Talk to

The third reason to start podcasting ties in with meeting new people. The nature of my podcast allows me to interview entrepreneurs, including Jas Takhar, a Realtor in Toronto, Canada.

I have a great interest in real estate so my interview with him was basically a free consultation of me asking him everything I was curious about. I would not have been able to do this if I didn’t have a podcast.

You can set up your podcast to benefit you and talk to the people you want to talk to. Many people start a podcast to speak to their ideal clients. Their goal isn’t necessarily to get listeners but to talk to the people they help. Think about who you want to talk to, whether that’s a client or an expert in a specific field, then start a podcast to help you accomplish that.

4. Build a Personal Brand

I can fully admit that I did this all wrong. I talk about it in the top 10 podcasting mistakes. For this blog, I’ll give you a little summary.

When I started podcasting, I started it for fun, to meet entrepreneurs and learn from them. I was very adamant about making sure the guests were the stars of their episodes. But podcasting doesn’t work that way.

You are the only constant in the show. Therefore, you are very much part of the brand. People tune in over and over again because of YOU. After a year of promoting my podcast and unknowingly becoming the face of the podcast, my personal brand grew. I was getting recognized as a podcaster, a lot more people connected with me on Linkedin. I was showing up in their feed OVER and OVER and OVER again. Unknowingly, I was building trust and familiarity with my connections. Without realizing, I grew my personal brand a little bit. That was without even trying. Imagine trying.

To summarize, a podcast can help build your personal brand which builds relationships with your audience.

5. Be Seen As An Expert

Building off of the last point, another reason you want to start a podcast is to be seen as an expert. When starting this podcast, I had no intention of positioning myself as an expert, however, as people saw me promoting my podcast and as they searched my social profiles, they realized I have a career in marketing.

In fact, I have over 6 years of experience in inbound marketing. Meaning I have a lot of experience in attracting your ideal clients with blogs, social media, and email marketing to name a few. Without trying, people reach out to me to ask me questions about blogging or email marketing. Just like that, I was seen an a expert.

This can happen for you and your business as well.

6. Generate Leads

The sixth reason you want to start a podcast is that it can generate leads. Again, building off my last points, my podcast served as touchpoints with potential clients. I was building relationships and therefore, building trust with my audience. I got 3 long-term clients from my podcast.

7. Speaking Opportunities

On top of building a personal brand, being seen as an expert, and generating leads is that you can be asked on other podcasts to speak about your journey and your expertise. Your podcast creates new opportunities for you.

For example, I was asked to present a webinar about social media. I would have never got that opportunity if I didn’t have a podcast.

Getting interviewed also helps you get backlinks for your website. For those not aware of Search Engine Optimization, Google favors your website when other websites link back to yours. So, when someone interviews you, they link back to your website and help your ranking in Google.

8. Learn A LOT

I learned A LOT about entrepreneurship. Because of my interviews with entrepreneurs, I really felt like I got a weekly masterclass on building a business, productivity, how to create a good pitch, taking risks, marketing strategies, goal-setting and so much more.

Every week I was talking to a different expert who taught me something new and ultimately transformed me as a person. I am so much more knowledgeable than I was just over a year ago. I am better equipped to start and manage a business. I leveled up my life with better habits, goals, and discipline.

Even if you do not interview guests, the time you put into working on each episode will help you in your field. Your podcast can be a source of knowledge and motivation.

9. Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

This reason is going to sound cheesy but you know that saying “get outside of your comfort zone because you can’t grow in your comfort zone.” Well, it’s actually true.

Even though I prepare, I still get nervous before each interview. I was a nervous wreck before that webinar about social media. I had never done one before. It’s live. There were over 100 people there.

I was also asked to be on other podcasts. As a host I don’t talk THAT much. But when you’re being interviewed, you have to talk more. I wasn't very comfortable in any of these situations But I did it. And I grew from these experiences.

Your podcast will allow you to grow beyond your comfort zone if you let it.

10. Develop Your Software Skills

I feel like this reason gets overlooked a lot. By starting this show, I had to learn how to use new software. And that can be super beneficial for your business and even your services.

For example, learning a new software like video editing can help amplify the quality of your business' YouTube channel. Another example is if you offer photography services and you learn how to edit videos because of your podcast, then you start offering video editing as part of your services. Therefore, you're improving your business' content and/or adding to your offering.

I learned Audacity, Camtasia,, Headliner, and really got to know Canva. Don’t overlook the opportunities of learning new software as it can help your business.

11. Start a YouTube Channel

The next benefit I overlooked is that I got to start a YouTube channel. I always wanted to start one and starting this podcast allowed me to do that. I didn't always have a video element for the show but when I started, I realized I got to do something I always wanted to do. Although this reason is more personal, I got the opportunity to do something I always wanted to do. It goes to show how a podcast can provide even more opportunities.

12. More Efficient

Another reason to start a podcast is that it improves your efficiency and planning. Hear me out.

You probably have a lot of things to do, and now you're committing to a new project. So, the only way to get it done is to be more efficient in everything else you’re doing.

I’ve learned how to juggle multiple conversations at a time. It can get overwhelming when you’re trying to get six guests on your show at once and sending emails back and forth. However, you learn tricks that work for you. You learn how to make it work in your schedule.

What works for my schedule, for example, is that I only interview guests on Wednesdays at night. Obviously, there are some exceptions but a general rule that works for me is that I interview one person per week, and it’s usually on Wednesdays. I know other podcasters that like that batching their interviews. That means they interview several people in one day. That works for them. Regardless of what you choose, having this extra commitment helps your efficiency and your panning skills.

13. Improve Verbal Communication Skills

You improve your interviewing skills and you get better at speaking to a camera. By being in in-depth, engaging conversations on a weekly basis, you improve how you respond in conversations. This obviously has benefits to you as a person and for your business.

14. Entering the Podcast Community

A surprising benefit I got from starting this podcast is becoming a podcaster and automatically being a part of the podcast community. Many people have reached out to me saying "hey, I have a podcast too. Let’s connect." There’s this mutual respect for everyone in the community and we like helping each other out. That's a great additional benefit.

15. Grow as a Person

Personally, I was able to prove to myself that I can commit to a project. Before the podcast, I would just come up with one idea after another but never act on any of them. And that is not motivating at all. However, the podcast showed me that I could do it. I could follow through on an idea. I’ve talked to many other podcasters and they have similar stories, where their shows have helped them grow as a person. And I have no doubt that it will do the same for you.

That wraps up the 15 reasons you should start a podcast. For more inbound marketing tips including podcasting tips, subscribe to Marketing Bounds monthly newsletter here.

15 reasons to start a podcast

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