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Built a LinkedIn Brand for Founder that Led to 90% Organic Lead Conversion.
  • New clients from LinkedIn every week

  • Improving relationships with former clients

  • Informational content and branding for the win

About Nura Awda:

Nura Awda started Responsive Resumes eight years ago. She helps people with resume writing, cover letters and career advice. She has successfully placed professionals at Google, Amazon, Facebook and Microsoft. 


When we first met, she was only get social media leads from Instagram. They were sporadic and it took 8 months of posting to get her first lead from the platform.

Solution and Results

After some analysis, Marketing Bound Agency determined it would be ideal to create a content strategy on LinkedIn. We determined it would be a good fit for her services.

First, Marketing Bound updated Nura's profile. Initially she had no banner. No headline and no featured section.


Marketing Bound created a banner with social proof, clear call to action in the headline, added an authority building link in the headline and included helpful resources in the featured section.




Since there is a lot of competition on LinkedIn for resume writing, our approach was to focus on informational content, Nura's brand and consistency.


Let's break that down:

1. Informational content

Marketing Bound thought it was important to establish Nura as an expert as quickly as possible. With all her experience, we had to let people know she could get the job done. As a result, we put social proof and authoritative content in the header of her profile. And we made sure every piece of content was informational. No fluffy content. 


2. Nura's brand


If you watch one of Nura's videos you will know that she is bubbly and really cares about helping you achieve your career goals. So, at Marketing Bound, we knew we needed to include video content. That way, people would get to know her faster.

3. Consistency

People looking for resume writing services are looking for a reliable source. As a result, we make sure Nura's content goes out at the same time on posting days. Reliable.

"I'm blown away by the results from LinkedIn...I highly recommend working with Marketing Bound Agency" - Nura Awda.


Here is a little more information on this story. Nura was already connected to previous clients through her LinkedIn profile. When we started posting, her previous clients were reminded about her services. So next time they need her services, she will be the first person that comes to mind. 

We love when this happens!

The Future:

The consistent stream of clients has us strategizing on how to increase the weekly number of leads even higher. Very exciting! 

Update Dec 2023: We leveraged paid ads to double the number of leads Nura gets every month from LinkedIn.

Nura's Testimonial

Thank you to Nura Awda. This is her LinkedIn profile for those who want to follow her. Also, if you want to take your social content to the next level, book a call below.

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