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LinkedIn Ads:
Generated 10 Leads in 30 Days.

After getting amazing results from organic LinkedIn content, the client wanted to accelerate results with paid LinkedIn Ads.


By first building a brand on LinkedIn, we identified what resonated with the client's audience.


We had a small budget of $300. There was little time to figure out what would generate leads. 

Solution and Results

After some brainstorming, we chose to target a broader audience with few parameters based on the data we collected from her organic content results. 

We hypothesized what type of ad would best perform - either text, image, video, or carousel. We thought the image ad would perform best. We still tested every type of ad to be sure. 


After two months of testing, we were sure that image ads would perform best. We allocated all ad spend to that campaign. Within the first 30 days of making that change, we were able to generate 10 leads.


At the beginning of 2024, the client agreed to add more ad spend. In the first week of of 2024, the campaign generated 15 leads. 

The Future:

Marketing Bound is excited to find the right balance between paid ads and organic content to maintain the stream of leads at the lowest cost possible.

Update January 12, 2024.

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