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The Best Version of Yourself Posts
on Social Media.

At the Marketing Bound Agency, we work together to create content that starts conversations with your ideal prospects. Your social media will be an extension of your brand and a source of revenue for your business.

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You're content isn't working

You don't have time to show up consistently.

You're busy. How is anyone posting consistently?

Your content is not generating leads.

Maybe you post sometimes. But no one is buying from you.

You don't know where to start

What do I write about? When do I post? 

How we work together


Your Clients

Our priority is understanding your ideal customer so we can plan content that attracts the right profile to your brand and your offering.


Content Creation

Next, we set up a recurring interview to capture your knowledge in a long-form format. Marketing Bound then cuts the interview up into content for your channel. 


Distribution & Analysis

Marketing Bound then distributes your content, constantly testing what type of content works best for your business. 



"I wanted to start posting on LinkedIn in order to share some knowledge with my network and inform them on the activities of my firm. Working with Laura helped me clarify with my network what I do professionally and allowed me to help some people who requested my services after seeing my content online. I would absolutely recommend her services to friends or coworkers."

Karl Guiragossian, VP Operations

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Why every business needs social media

With everyone stuck to their phones, companies now have the opportunity to get in front of their target audience at a low cost. No more high-production commercials or billboards.


Social media is not a cookie cutter solution, but with the right strategy for your business and audience, generating revenue from social platforms is 100% possible - especially for businesses on LinkedIn.



Helping you show up as a thought-leader in your industry, the right content and relationship-building is how to get results on LinkedIn.

It's time to be a thought-leader

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