By providing inbound marketing resources, Marketing Bound helps service-based entrepreneurs attract their ideal audiences and grow their businesses.


Laura L. Bernhard, the founder, is working on turning Marketing Bound into a hub for free inbound marketing resources for entrepreneurs.  That includes the Marketing Bound Podcast, Marketing Bound YouTube Channel and blogs on this website


1. Most resources, like blogs, are written for other marketers or corporations that have a lot of money to spend on marketing. Marketing Bound is dedicated to providing resources for entrepreneurs who have a small team.

2. Some resources also take hours to consume and execute. At Marketing Bound, we are dedicated to creating digestible, actionable content for entrepreneurs that they, or their team, can implement.

There are a lot of blogs about inbound marketing....that are targeting marketers and large corporations. What about inbound marketing for entrepreneurs?

Laura L. Bernhard, Founder of Marketing Bound


Become the hub for inbound marketing resources dedicated to service-based entrepreneurs.

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Build a community of service-based entrepreneurs where we help each other build the businesses of our dreams.