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About Marketing Bound

Helping new B2B marketers look good at work. Tune in to the Marketing Bound Podcast to develop your marketing skills, navigate the corporate world like a pro, boost your confidence in your role and access the greatest minds in B2B marketing.
Note from host, Laura L. Bernhard: “With almost a decade of experience in marketing, there are a lot of things I could have done better. Looking back, there are so many mistakes I can help you avoid. Now, I’m on a new journey of my own as I start my role as Director of Marketing for cyber security company, Assurance IT. I’m so excited to share my marketing tips, what I learn in my new role, and to introduce you to Rockstar marketers to guide you through your B2B marketing career. You’ve come to the right place!”

Now from a marketing perspective...

Here is the brand story of the Marketing Bound Podcast. You can use this framework for any business. It helps determine how you stand out in the market, how to communicate to your audience and how to maintain messaging across all platforms. "A story with a proper goal and purpose automatically helps create an emotional connection towards that brand." (Granth)

1. Purpose - why does the Marketing Bound Podcast exist?


Answer: Helping B2B marketers with their marketing skills, boost their confidence, help them navigate the corporate world and choose the right tech stack.

2. Mission - what do we hope to accomplish?


Answer: Providing every new B2B marketer a safe space to learn.

3. Vision - what do we hope to accomplish long-term?


Answer:  Become the go-to resource for new B2B marketers & Build a community of 1000 B2B marketers helping one another.

4. Unique Selling Proposition (USP) - what do we offer that no one else does?


Answer: There are a ton of B2B resources and free podcasts. We are the only podcast that focuses on helping NEW B2B marketers.

Values - what values are leading the decisions made within Marketing Bound?



  • Educational - Every piece of content should be informative.

  • Entertaining - Everything needs to be informative but not like a university class, you know. We put gifs in our blogs. We have fun in our podcasts. And we're on TikTok.

  • Accessible - There isn't only a podcast but blogs and YouTube videos so people can learn the way they prefer.

  • Community - Fostering a place where we help one another. 

Brand promise - what are we promising our target audience?


We promise to make you (new B2B marketers) look good/smart at work.

Specific strengths:



  1. My 8 years of experience in marketing

  2. Access to experts in the field

  3. No other resource exists for this niche



  • At a time when everyone is trying to be an entrepreneur, not many are paying attention to marketers working in corporate. There is an opportunity to reach this untapped market.

  • Content-led platforms are the future of companies. Marketing Bound is leading a community of B2B marketers with free resources.

  • B2B marketing is changing, very few are talking about it. We want to help the new generation learn the new ways of doing B2B marketing and not fall into the trap of old marketing ways that don't work anymore.

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